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The Best Ramadan by Eman Kourtam

๐Ÿ“š The Best Ramadan ๐Ÿ“š

Author: Eman Kourtam

Illustrator: Sophia Soliman

Publisher: Self-Published @zainandmimaadventures

Age: 3-8

Islamic Content: Ramadan

Concerns: None


Zain and Mima spot the Ramadan Moon and so the month of Ramadan begins. They practice fasting, patience, kindness and more.


This book highlights key components of Ramadan and ways to have the best of this month. The brother and sister duo are so adorable and spend this month reading Qur'an, praying, making dua, showing kindness, practicing patience and more. This book can be used as a motivation and teaching tool for young kids. It doesn't have a unique plot or dilemma, it is simply a book that encourages the readers how to be the best version of themselves during Ramadan with practical daily deeds. The book is mostly written in rhyme and there are parts that it doesn't. When I read it out loud to my kids, some parts have better flow than others.

The end of the book includes a daily good deed tracker to use during this blessed month. It's a cute book that can be added to your kids' Ramadan baskets.


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