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The Extraordinary Places We Pray by Jenny Molendyk Divleli

๐Ÿ“š The Extraordinary Places we Pray ๐Ÿ“š

Author: Jenny Molendyk Divleli @jennymolendyk


Publisher: Karavan Cocuk @oakdesigncreative

Age: 5-8

Islamic Content: Salah

Concerns: None


Class assignment: ask family and friends where their most extraordinary places they have prayed. Sara and Hafsa head to the masjid to find out.


Having a storyline where there is a class assignment and we see the kids journey to complete the assignment is really a straight forward way to teach an important message. I feel like it is of the easiest/simplest ways to execute a teachable message. There is no plot, no dilemma, nothing to be resolved, the reader discovers the many different places that Muslims pray when they find themselves in various circumstances. I love the diversity of people and the tiny glimpses of their lives we get which helps uncover some of these extraordinary places. For example: in a submarine, in a bakery shop, on a plane, in a soccer field, in the sahara desert, and even on a wheelchair. Sometimes the book can feel like it is a bit too long because it is narrative text. I will certainly pair this book and The World is Your Masjid by @dune.books together for thematic group read-aloud. This book definitely adds value to the Muslim Bookshelf in schools, masjids and personal shelf at home.

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