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The Forever Tree by Asmaa Hussein

The Forever Tree by Asmaa Hussein

This is the very first book I read from @ruqayas.bookshelf and I fell in love with it instantly. .

It is a cold and windy winter season. Zainab's classmates recall the warmth of summer and the beauty of the green filled trees. Each one of the classmates expresses their choice of their favourite tree and the sentimental value it holds in their hearts. When it is Zainab's turn, she describes an unimaginable tree, something the eye has never seen. Literally, a forever tree that is out of this world.

This is such a delightful story, a truly special way to teach one of many beautiful descriptions of jannah. This book has so many educational layers. Reads about different kinds of trees and their many unique benefits; shade, fruits, syrup, etc. Touches on different family dynamics and backgrounds. However, the main takeaway is jannah, its special trees and what we need to do in order to plant these trees from right now.

I used this book for story-time with young kids and the outcome was amazing. It opened up a fun and creative discussion on what they want to ask Allah when they get to jannah. It was absolutely wonderful to see how engaged they were to the story from beginning to end.

For those who are fluent in Arabic, this book is written in both English and Arabic. The last page sites a list of sources from the Qur'an and hadith the author used for this story. This is the book that set the bar for me at @ruqayas.bookshelf and time and time again they don't disappoint.


Mar 18/2019

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