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The Gift of Ramadan by Rabiah York Lumbard


Title: The Gift of Ramadan

Author: Rabiah York Lumbard

Illustrator: Laura K. Horton

Publisher: Albert Whitman & Co.



Islamic Content: Ramadan


Concerns: Mentions birthday in passing



Sophia is fasting for the first time and is struggling to keep herself distracted from thinking about food and her hunger. When her grandmother finds her in the pantry indulging on a cookie, Sophia feels the guilt of not being able to uphold her fast. Under her Grandmother's lead, Sophia discovers that there are so many other ways that she can celebrate Ramadan. not on



I am a little late with this book review. I have been eyeing it since it has ben released but it just hasn't made it to me until now. This is truly a remarkable Ramadan story. It captures the beauty of Ramadan and the different ways we can contribute and feel a part of it especially for the young kids who just aren't ready to fast. The book mentions a few deeds such as reading Qur'an, helping and kindness towards others. The struggle to make it to the end of the day for 1st timers is just so well done. Her little brother running after her with a cookie is so wonderfully innocent yet real and powerful. I truly love the tenderness of the grandmother and her role to take Sophia under her wing. The illustrations are just so stunning, I only wish the prayer scene would have been depicted a little more accurately in regards to the women's prayer attire. The way the story finishes, it really can teach us a lesson about barakah and can spark a great discussion with the little ones. Also, the hadith about the reward of feeding a fasting person can be incorporated into the discussion from this story. All around, a very well executed Ramadan story.


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