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The Golden Trail by Zahra Patel


Title: The Golden Trail: Adventures of Adam & Anisah

Author: Zahra Patel

Illustrator: Reyhana Islmail

Publisher: Ilm2Amal



Islamic Content: Zakat (charity)


Concerns: Magical element?



Adam and Anisah find a special box of coins with a special note. Light brightens out of the box which guides them to the family in need. They head out, following the light through their neighborhood to finally arrive at the house with a Mother and her children.



This story was inspired by he hadith - 'He is not a believer whose stomach is filled while his neighbour goes hungry.' Just like the first one, this book is written in catchy rhymes. It teaches the little ones about charity and generosity. What I like about it is that it encourages us to seek out the needy in our local communities to offer help. This brother and sister duo are fun to follow and the author's talent for imagination is well displayed in her stories. It concludes by mentioning that when we give, Allah will give us even more. The story is set in Ramadan and the kids break their fast together with the family. While the message is powerful, I am not quite sure if the concept of the light pouring out of the box is a 'magical' element that could be a concern for some. I appreciate the two-page spread in the end that give context to the story, character and discussion questions that help guide parents to have critical conversations and dissect the lessons from the story.


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