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The House of Ibn Kathir: Year Captain by S.N. Jalali


Title: The House of Ibn Kathir: Year Captain @houseofibnkathir

Author: S.N. Jalali

Illustrator: N/A

Publisher: Black Stone

Age: 10+

Rating: 9/10 ๐ŸŒŸ


After the events of mischief from the first year, seems that everyone has grown, learned and ready to make a fresh start to the new school year of knowledge, adventure and friendship. As the year Captain, Yusif has been tested with the responsibility of leadership among his peers. As the year progresses, he seems to struggle to hold up to this important role. Yusif and his team have and important task ahead of them: Head Master of their school had announced the Planetarium as a project upgrade in the Dar Al Ilm facility, the students were enthusiastic for this change. However, they have to bring their brains together to make a plan for raising funds in order to complete this project. Keeping up the with the tradition of the Academy, this meant that another competition between the houses would be in order. ๐ŸŒธ


This is another wonderful book for pre-teens and teens. Again, there are so many lessons to be learned here. The book is written well and very descriptive. Just like in the first book, Qur'anic ayat and hadith are trickled throughout the book in a very natural way that is related to the events that come along as we read the book. We can definitely see that each one of the characters are growing and maturing as we read on. Due to extensive details, at times I did find it difficult to reel back into the book. It is very natural that a book with a school setting includes a larger number of characters throughout the story, so it wasn't easy for me to keep track of all the names especially those with minor roles. However, I feel that those are small issues compared to the entire, overall value that this brings to the reader. It is important to acknowledge that the beginning of the book states that ALL Islamic references used have been verified and from authentic sources. I, also, love that the end of the book includes Yusif's assignment (Miracles of the Qur'an), Glossary of Terms and a few cited references of Quran and hadith used in the story.

Again, if your Islamic school doesn't already have these two books, please make them aware and ask them to add it to their collection. This is a book that every Islamic school and masjid needs on their bookshelf. I am definitely curious if and when there will be a third.




Nov 18/2019

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