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The Little Tree's Ramadan Adventure by Eman Salem


Title: The Little Tree's Ramadan Adventure

Author: Eman Salem

Illustrator: Eman Salem

Publisher: Compass Books

Type: Fiction

Age: 4-9

Rating: 10/10 🌟

Islamic Content: Ramadan, generousity

Concerns: None


The big old oak tree and the old man open up a package full of scrumptious dates they've received from their friend Tamara. This jogs their memory of when they first met Tamara, and they share their Ramadan adventure. When the oak tree and the old man were young, they were on their way to the other side of the valley to celebrate Eid ul-Fitr. Their journey began during the month of Ramadan. When they came across a pond to have a drink, the date palm tree next to it did not want to share her water or her dates. The young man and the little tree responded with gentleness and reminded her of the Prophet's (saws) hadith that advises us to be like the date palm tree. They also introduce her to Ramadan and what it means to Muslims. She is astonished because all other travelers have responded back harshly to the tree. Tamara happily shares her date fruits with them and sends extra for their friends. She has kept this generous tradition every year in Ramadan.


What a lovely little tale. My kids and I enjoyed this story so much as it teaches such a valuable lesson of generosity and kindness. Truly, the tone of this book reads like an old tale full of wisdom. I find the personification of the trees works really well for this story as well as the first one, A Little Tree Goes for Hajj. The metaphor says so much as they portray the old oak tree deeply rooted sharing his wisdom with the readers, while when he was just a young sapling, he was portable, full of adventures and opportunities. The main message of this story is that even when we are met with harshness and hostility from others, we should practice kindness in return, as kindness softens the hearts. I absolutely love that this story is related to Ramadan, the month when we practice patience, kindness, generosity, community, empathy. This is also a bilingual book, English and Arabic. There is a short glossary added in the end. I would recommend this charming Ramadan story.

Apr 17/2020

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