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The Maliks: Ramadan Mayhem by Zanib Mian

๐Ÿ“š The Maliks: Ramadan Mayhem ๐Ÿ“š

Author/Illustrator: Zanib Mian zanibmian

Publisher: Muslim Children's Books @muslimchildrensbooks

Age: 7-9

Islamic Content: Ramadan, making dua to Allah and trusting on Him,

Concerns: None


Maysa Malik is always daydreaming, and her daydreams always get her into trouble, unlike her twin brother Musa. When their parents decide she is not ready for a school residential trip, she is determined to prove to them that she can be responsible. Her lies and other messes catch up to her in a big way.


What else can we expect other than a fun comical read that intertwines Islamic content so well into the story without ever feeling preachy. After all, this is a Zanib Mian book! This book was funny, engaging and just full of charm. So many lessons can be derived from this book: consequences of lying, gossiping and rumors, Ramadan isn't only for fasting from food but also bad habits, and more. I love that the twins keep each other in check. Maysa is the one that finds trouble and Musa is level headed calm and rational. I love that half of the setting is at the local masjid and the family unapologetically visits the masjid regularly. very relatable conversations happen about kids fasting on the weekend and attending late taraweeh prayers on weekends as well, just natural part of balancing life and deen. This is exactly what we want to see in kids books. Relatable Muslim content. Also, I love that the family contributes their specialized skills to the masjid needs as this is a reality of many volunteers at the masjid from the Muslim community. This book is such a treat for this age group; they will laugh, giggle and gasp at the shennanigans. Definitely add this book to your kids' Ramadan reads this year!

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