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The Mighty Head of Moustafa by Rania Emara


Title: The Mighty Head of Moustafa

Author: Rania Emara @raniaimagines

Illustrator: Furzsina Kuhari

Publisher: Self-Published

Type: Fiction

Age: 4-11

Rating: 10/10 ๐ŸŒŸ


Islamic Content: Muslim Characters


Concerns: None



Moustafa is carrying a basket of bread on his mighty head. Which is made with sugar and flour that rose for an hour. Moustafa is riding his bike through the street by the shops around and passes by a grumpy cook, an auntie and her child. But all of them are intertwined in a big unfortunate disaster.



This is such a fun and entertaining book. Inspired by 'House That Jack Built', this book is written in a similar language style and sentence structure. It includes rhyme and repetition on each page as a new sentence is added on. As the adventure of Moustafa's mighty head develops, the kids are kept on their toes to what the story is gearing up towards. This funny and comical tale in a Muslim setting and Muslim characters, is sure to make the little ones giggle. Mine laughed a couple of times as my tongue was twisted trying to read through it. The illustrations are well done to showcase the feel of a Muslim marketplace which is wonderful. Definitely a fun read that I would recommend for everyone, especially in a diverse classroom setting.


Available: Amazon


Apr 5/2020

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