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The Most Powerful Night by Ndaa Hassan


Title: The Most Powerful Night

Author: Ndaa Hassan

Illustrator: Soumbal Qureshi

Publisher: Self- Published @ramadanaroundtheworld

Type: Non-Fiction

Age: 4-11

Rating: 8/10


Islamic Content: Laylat ul- Qadr


Concerns: rewards multiplied by 70 times



Layla notices the moon is beginning to look like a crescent again, which means Ramadan is coming to an end. Layla wants to know more about the importance of the last ten nights and so her mother's explanation begins. She learns about this wondrous night, a night that the skies are filled with angels, one night that is better than a thousand months, the night in which the very first ayah of the Qur'an was revealed to the Prophet (saws). Layla is so excited to experience this blessed night past her bedtime.



This unique book covers the virtues of Layat ul-Qadr. The most blessed and important night of the year. The young readers will learn so much from this book:

1. A blessed night of Power

2. A night in which all the angels descent upon the earth and give salam to the believers engaged in ibadah/good deeds,

3. It is better than 1000 months

4. The reward is multiplied

5. Basic facts about the Qur'an and its first revelation in the cave

Truly there is no book like this in the market so it fills a very necessary void. The illustrations are absolutely gorgeous and will have your girls examine each page in amazement.


To encourage kids to do good deeds, the book highlights that our deeds are multiplied by 70 on this night. In my research it seems to be more accurate to say that on Laylat ul-Qadr, the rewards are better than if they were done for 1000 months, thus we can't truly know the exact number of the reward. Also, I am not sure how I feel about the wording in the following phrase: "Their [Angels] wings will hold you and protect you. Their prayers will guide you." To bring emphasis to the topic, there is a bit of repetition in the text. I would have loved to see references to the sources included in a book like this since it centers on Islamic content. Overall, it does serve a purpose in teaching the virtues of this important and blessed night.

May 13/2020

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