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The Muslim - The Test Book 1 by Ahmad Philips


Title: The Muslims - The Test - Book 1

Author: Ahmad Philips

Illustrator: Ahmad Philips @philz.draws

Publisher: Self- Published

Type: Fiction

Age: 5-11

Rating: 8/10 ๐ŸŒŸ


Islamic Content: Trusting Allah and having the intention to do everything for the sake of Allah


Concerns: None



Hani is a good kid, but he forgot to study for his quiz. His big imagination turns his quiz into a monster, and he is defeated. When he gets home, he is worried what his parents might say about his failed quiz results. Instead, his dad advises him that if Hani tries his best and does it for the sake of Allah, he will always succeed. Hani promises to study for his next quiz, and he keeps his promise. Only to find that he studied for the wrong subject. Was this really the case or just his imagination?



The style of this book is comic book anime. Each page uses vibrant, bold colours to really make the story pop. As it's natural for all amine books, the facial expressions and emotions are shown to be exaggerated. Both my kids really like this aspect as they can experience an additional layer of the story. They have me read it to them on a regular basis since I've purchased it. I love that the characters are shown to be a mixed race family. Of course, I really love books that relate directly to Islamic teachings. Hani's father gives him great advice, but I wanted to see Hani put it into practice. This way, the kids reading it can easily make the connection of his father's golden advice to be the inspiration for his hard work. This book is book 1 of a total set of eight. Definitely a unique take on character building through Islamic teachings that I think makes this series appealing to the little ones. I am definitely curious to see the other books and their content.


Available:, Amazon


Apr 7/2020

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