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The Muslims: Eidul Adha by Ahmad Philips


Title: The Muslims: Eid ul-Adha (Book 7)

Author/Illustrator: Ahmad Philips @philz.draws

Publisher: Studio AYU

Age: 7-11


Islamic Content: gift-giving


Concerns: physical altercation



It's Eid ul-Adha, Hani and his friends meet at the masjid after the Eid prayer. They all claim a gift being distributed as they celebrate Eid, however they all notice one boy walking away empty handed.



This is book 7 in a 10 book series about a Muslim family in comic form. This one focuses on the less fortunate and sharing what we have with others. This important lesson is made clear in this simple storyline. The demeanor of the characters really bring to light a reflection of reality. When the time for gifts is announced all kids eagerly rush to the table, while the struggling boy, Hamza, shyly approaches the table once everyone else had left. When one of the friends, Zak, makes a broad degrading statement about the poor, Hani is shocked and furious. When Zak doesn't take back his words, Hani pushes him to the ground. This style of storytelling is quite dramatic and so are the illustrations. I don't love the 3-dimensional attempt at the book cover, I like the 2-dimensional illustrations inside the book much better. Although Hani did the right thing and spoke up when someone else was being belittled, it didn't really provide any depth or wisdom that the readers can intake. While this books doesn't focus on teaching Eid ul-Adha or its roots, I do appreciate this story can be used to discuss the less fortunate, standing up to what is right and selflessness.




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