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The New Kid by A.M. Dassu

๐Ÿ“š The New Kid ๐Ÿ“š

Author: A.M. Dassu

Illustrator: Huseyin Sonmezay

Publisher: Collins Big Cat, Harper Collins

Age: 6-9

Islamic Content: Syrian Refugee, Muslim Family

Concerns: None


Ammar was nervous to start a new school at a new country. How can he make friends when he doesn't even speak the same language?


This is an early read chapter book that follows a boy as he adjusts in his new school life. The story is written in first person and it is easy to follow. Ammar can't help but draw comparisons and reminisce his life in Syria. There is a lot of internal dialogue that the protagonist is experiencing to channel his circumstance. the reader is able to see him come out of his shell when he discovers he has an advantage in on of the classes and the kids at the his table all go to him for help. With all the overwhelming day he experiences in the first day, there comes a point where he breaks down. I felt this so many times when I was a newcomer, so I found this to be a relatable experience. This book is a wonderful read to serve as reflection for those who find themselves with a classmate that doesn't speak the spoken language and to try to be more understanding and more importantly, find commonalities as a way of communication and friendship. Definitely a good read.

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