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The Perfect Eid Gift by J. Samia Mair


Title: The Perfect Gift

Author: J. Samia Mair

Illustrator: Craigh Horwath

Publisher: Kube Publishing

Age: 5-9

Rating: 7/10 ๐ŸŒŸ


Sarah is struggling to find the perfect Eid gift for her mother. She goes out for a walk into the woods to pass her time. In the midst of a snow filled forest she stumbles upon the very first flower of spring. This was the beginning of a new Eid tradition for Sarah and her family.



This story encourages and reminds the readers to ponder upon the beauty of creation, specifically nature. Not all gifts are from the store shelves in a neat little package; the best gifts are the memories you make with those you love.


The illustrations are okay. The colours are very neutral and blend in which doesn't help to make the book visually memorable for kids. This story is very sweet and gives insight to kids to understand the value of gifts beyond the monetary means.


July 28/2019

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