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The Prophet's Pond by Zaheer Khatri


Title: The Prophet's Pond

Author: Zaheer Khatri

Illustrator: Learning Roots

Publisher: Learning Roots @learningroots

Type: Non-Fiction

Age: 4-9

Rating: 10 /10 ๐ŸŒŸ


Islamic Content: Based on the hadith describing the Prophet's Pond in the akhirah


Concerns: None



Zayd, a little boy is on a hunt for the perfect pond to meet someone very special. His mother tags along and as they find pond, after pond only to discover none of them are quite like the one he is looking for. They are either too narrow, too murky, too dark, too small, and none of them eternally quench his thirst. His mother is wondering just who Zayd hopes to find, and she is brought to tears when he reveals that he is yearning to meet Prophet Muhammed (saws) by his pond.



I first read this book about a year ago, and I was caught off guard as it unexpectedly triggered my emotions. This book is beautifully presented in every single way: the gentle illustrations, the tender rhyming words, the innocence of Zayd, the beautiful bond between him and his mother, and, most importantly, the hopes of attaining something beyond what this life has to offer. With each pond they find, one of the traits of the special pond is described; its musk, its size, its colour, its taste etc. Some parts of the text are repetitive which makes it attractive to the younger kids and also it's a way to show how keen Zayd is in his search. We have all heard that children's books should not only appeal to the child but also the parents and this book is a perfect example. The conclusion of this story is phenomenal and the center lesson of it all; while we hope and yearn to drink from this special pond in the akhirah, right now the best we can do is to focus on following the Prophet's (saws) example. On the last page, sahih Buhari is cited as a reference used for this books. This is definitely a copy that needs to be kept in islamic school shelves and masjids.






Dec 12/2019

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