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The Prophet (saws) Described by Zaheer Khatri

๐Ÿ“š The Prophet (saws) Described ๐Ÿ“š

Author: Zaheer Khatri

Illustrator: Fatima Zahur, Elaine Lim and Jannah Haque

Publisher: Learning Roots

Age: 5+

Islamic Content: Personality traits and physical characteristics of the Prophet (saws)

Concerns: None


Zayd and his mother engage in beautiful conversation about the incredible characteristics of prophet Muhammed (s.a.w.s). His exemplary personality and physical features are carefully described in a way that remain authentic to narrations.


When I first got this book I was too excited and swiftly read through it. When I read it the 2nd time and slowed down to allow the words penetrate my mind and heart, that's when I realized the true power this book provides. It is a complementary publication to the first one, The Prophet's Pond. It is written in lyrical rhymes and follows a consistent style of language and text. Zayd and his mother truly have a beautiful bond that is apparent through their tender conversations, body language. It allows you to vividly tap into your imagination to visualize every description it has to offers. Werther you read them aloud or to yourself, the verses are meant to be slowly savored and examined with care. This book is meant to be discussed with the younger kids in a way that can be simplified and dissected so that we (adults included) can be easily reference in our mind. The illustrations are absolutely sunning. The back of the book provides extensive refences to the exact ayat and hadith sources that were used to produce this book, a total of 33 sources across 10 pages. Although this is a picture book, it is definitely a must have book for Muslim bookshelves to be enjoyed by Muslims of all ages.

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