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The Rhyming Eid Book by Fatima Salem


Title: The Rhyming Eid Book

Author: Fatima Salem

Illustrator: Tetiana Tsitsiura

Publisher: Self-Published @themadrasa

Type: Fiction

Age: 0-3

Rating: 10/10 🌟

Islamic Content: Eid

Concerns: None

Summary & Review:

This is such an adorable Eid boardbook. It is narrated as a general celebration of this wonderful day. Touches on getting dressed up, celebrating with family and friends and getting an Eidi from aunts and uncles. The language is short, sweet and simple for the little ones who are learning their first words. It is written in cute rhyme so it is catchy. The small convenient size and its light-weight design is perfect for tiny hands. The illustrations are wonderful throughout. I truly appreciate that the cover does not include illustrated faces, this way it can be put on display in your room. I also like the fact that this book can be used to include both eids, as it doesn't specifically indicate one or the other. This book just launched today!!

Available: @themadrasa



Apr 1/2020

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