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The Sleepy Farmer by Shazia Afzal


Title: The Sleepy Farmer

Author: Shazia Afzal

Illustrator: Ingy Hamza @igyillustrations

Publisher: Compass Books @compassbooks

Age: 0-4


Islamic Content: Fajr


Concerns: None



The Rooster crows and wakes the rest of the farm animals one by one, but farmer Salman is sleeping through all the noise. If farmer Salman doesn't wake up, he will surely miss the Fajr prayer.



This board book was a pleasant surprise. I didn't know exactly what to expect but when I read it, it was such a refreshing treat. The story is adorable, fun and definitely engaging. This book mentions praying Fajr but doesn't explain it. Board books for toddlers are the perfect way to plant the seeds of Islam at an early age without the need for detailed explanation. Considering it is a board book and pictures speak a lot for toddlers, I found there is a lot of text in each page. So I wished the content was more spread out which would result into more pages to enjoy with the kiddos. Through it, the little ones are introduced to a few farm animals and their sounds. I read it to my kids multiple times and making all the animal sounds just added to the silliness and laughter to the story. A great read for the family for bedtime routine.


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