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The Stories in Her Eyes by Mariam M. Gadala

๐Ÿ“šย  BOOK REVIEWย  ๐Ÿ“š

Title: The Stories In Her Eyes

Author: Mariam M. Gadala @mariam.m.gadala

Publisher: Self-Published

Age: 15+


Islamic Content: Throughout


*Mature content*



This collection of poems is divided into three parts: Teenager, The Adult, The Mother. The verses are reflections of a Muslimah growing in the west while going against the currents of pressure at different stages of her life.



This book has variety topics tackled within it: school life, peer pressure/bullying, faith, hijab, temptation, motherhood and more. As a reader, I am able to see the growth of the young lady within the poems. It is clear to see the struggles of school/social pressure while internally struggling to uphold Islamic values. As she grows into a young woman, and later into a mother, the struggles take shift but the confidence in her Muslim identity comes through stronger with age. Through this book, I think it is important for us to understand that, each stage of our lives comes with a different set of challenges. How we navigate through them while upholding our Islamic values is what defines us. I found myself relating to some aspects of her poetry, but most of all, in the struggles and reflections of motherhood. This would make a lovely gift for the young ladies in your lives.



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