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The Swirling Hijaab by Na'ima bint Robert

The Swirling Hijaab by Na'ima bint Robert

A young girl transforms her mother's hijaab into a different garb through her unlimited imagination and play. In the end, she makes it clear that above all the things a hijaab could be, it is at its best when it covers her mother during her prayers.

What a lovely read this is. I was surprised to find this book at the public library since it was published in 2002. We live in a time when we are always looking for the newest and latest thing, including books, and we forget to give credit to the pioneers in this genre. This is one of those books.

It is offered in 20 different languages along with English which makes it accessible to a larger scale of an audience. This particular copy is in English and Italian. The illustrations are beautiful and gives a great visual to the adjacent text. I just love it.


Mar 25/2019

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