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The World is Your Masjid by Kate Rafiq

๐Ÿ“š The World is Your Masjid ๐Ÿ“š

Author/Illustrator: Kate Rafiq

Publisher: Dune Books

Age: 4-8

Islamic Content: Prayer

Concerns: None


You can pray at the masjid, but when you are unable to go to the masjid, you can pray (almost) anywhere. You can pray out in nature, at school or on the train. Wherever you go, prayer can be done except in 3 places...


I love this entire book so much! Normally anytime a picturebook covers the topic of prayer, it is heavily detailed on the movements and what to say in each position, surahs and duas. This book, however, is so fun, unique and clever. It discusses and normalizes the fact that we can pray anywhere. Normalizes that prayer is part of our daily life and the masjid isn't the only place to perform our worship. Two of my favourite parts in this book are the prayer performed at school and in bed when you are sick. I think, as parents our focus is usually always on teaching our little ones how to do prayer, and this approach is such a refreshing treat. Th execution of this book is just so spot on. There is a beautiful introduction and a smooth transition into the core message. The ending ties everything together so nicely, leaving the reader inspired to pray. The illustrations are so adorable and the high quality print is just amazing. I would recommend this book in ALL Muslim spaces, homes, masjid, classroom and library.


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