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These Olive Trees by Aya Ghanameh

๐Ÿ“š These Olive Trees ๐Ÿ“š

Author/Illustrator: Aya Ghanameh

Publisher: @penguinkids

Age: 4-8

Islamic Content: Hijabi characters

Concerns: Displacement


Oraib is amazed at the versatility of the olive fruit. Sometimes she is impatient with the lengthy processing of the olives and divulges their fresh bitter taste straight from the tree.


This story centers the symbolism of the olive trees and the significance they hold for Palestinians. The illustrations are absolutely breathtaking. Each page spread is stunning, and I love the colour tones. The story follows Oraib and her family's journey as they flee for safety. as they leave for the 2nd time from they make-shift home, Oraib is disappointed that she has to leave the olive trees behind. I actually didn't mind the story. It is unique and beneficial to the readers. However, I feel like there was a such a big missed opportunity for a powerful dua to be made in the story where Oraib asks the sky for rain. It would have made the story much more powerful. I am not sure if this was intentional to keep the story more palpable to all readers or just a genuinely missed opportunity. Otherwise it is a beneficial read.

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