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This is Why We Pray by Ameenah Muhammad-Diggins


Title: This is Why We Pray: A Short Story About Islam, Salah and Dua

Author: Ameenah Muhammad-Diggins

Illustrator: Aaliya Jaleel

Publisher: Rockridge Press

Age: 5-9

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Islamic Content: 5 Pillars, Salah, Dua


Concerns: None



This 53 page book covers crucial foundation of Islam for young learners. It follows a Muslim family and through them, captures scenes that relate to the theme at hand. It is divided into three chapters: One - The Five Pillars, Two - Salah, Three - Dua. It covers a lot of ground for young independent readers.



I was surprised by this book. I assumed it would be a fictional story through which the kids would learn the reason behind our Salah. However, this serves as an incredible source for our Muslim children. It introduces the five pillars in enough depth for the targeted independent early readers. Discusses the five pillars individually, step by step wudu and salah, why do we pray, what is dua and when to make it. The same characters are present throughout the book and they showcase different instances related to the topic. There is a lot of text, so it's not a book that can be digested in one sitting, rather can be divided into smaller sections or used as a reference over time. I know the book states that it is for children 5-7 but I think kids up to 9 will find it beneficial. Personally, the steps in 'How Do We Pray' section can use further exploring to make it even easier to follow.


Can I just say how much I love the illustration style? Specifically I want to recognize and appreciate the normalizing modest attire in a beach setting illustrated in this book. Each section concludes with a Quran story time, discussion points and questions to help take the topics even further. The end of the book includes additional duas and prayer for the mini Muslims to learn (Arabic, transliteration and translation), a two page glossary and sources for parents. Great addition to a Muslim bookshelf.


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