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Time to Pray by Maha Addasi

Time to Pray by Maha Addasi

This story follows a little girl on her visit at her grandmother's, in a Muslim country. Unlike where she lives with her family, she hears the daily adhan echoing through the city. Her journey allows her to discover salah and experiences it with her grandmother's guidance.


Although the idea is very sweet, I am not convinced that the execution was completely successful. We don't know where Yasmin is visiting from or where her grandmother lives. It seems that she is too young to know a lot about prayer or even pray herself, yet we see her travel by plane back to her family, on her own. 📚

This book is bilingual, English and Arabic. I am not in love with the illustrations. The praying positions of the grandmother are shown inaccurately. This book doesn't actually include any information on how to pray, why we pray or it's importance, rather portrays the experience of someone exploring it.


When tackling important aspects of the deen, such as the prayer, I believe additional precaution should be taken to present it in the best way possible so the little readers fall in love with the prayer through the means of an exciting story. Unfortunately, this is where the story fell short.


June 24/2019

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