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Tittle Tattle Talia by Salwah Isaacs-Johaadien

๐Ÿ“š Tittle Tattle Talia ๐Ÿ“š

Author: Salwah Isaacs-Johaadien

Illustrator: Zeyneb Yildirim

Publisher: Kube Publishing @kubepublishing

Age: 4-11

Islamic Content: Gossip

Concerns: None


Talia loves to tell tales about others. No matter how much her family tries to teach her and warn her, she just does not think it's anything wrong. It is the truth anyway. Her tales just keep on growing and embellish until one day they cause her to lose friends.


This story teaches an extremely important lesson about gossip and slander. What is so realistic about this story is that her family try their best to remind her that telling tales about others is bad habit. However, until she experiences its negative impacts on her she does not see that what she is doing any wrong. Sometimes no matter how much we tell our kids, and lecture them about their actions and their possible implications, sometimes they have to experience the natural consequences to understand the affects of their actions. The story is quite long for a picture book but somehow it kept my kids interested and intrigued. They have even asked to have it read to them multiple times. We definitely had great discussions with my kids about gossip, what exactly falls in that category and that we should only talk about others when we speak nicely of them. I really appreciate that this book ensures to mention that we should also make sure to avoid listening to others gossip even if we aren't doing it ourselves. Although some readers may find the resolution a bit forced an unrealistic, the main message of the book is made clear. I would definitely recommend this book in all Muslim settings. It addresses an important topic.


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