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Turning Back to Allah by Aliya Vaughan


Title: Turning Back to Allah: Sulaiman's Caving Calamity

Author: Aliya Vaughan

Illustrator: Rakaiya Azzouz

Publisher: Kube Publishing

Age: 7-11


Islamic Content: Relying upon Allah


Concerns: None



Sulaiman is going on a cave adventure with Boy Scouts. He is anxious and fearful that he might get lost , just as he got lost in the woods when he was younger. Sulaiman ensures that he takes precautions and listens attentively to safety instructions from their guide. His worst fear becomes a reality when he gets distracted, he loses his group and he is all alone.



The 2nd in the series, the first one being 'A Race to Prayer.' It is an early read chapter book that is fast paced. The story begins at home as Sulaiman is preparing for his trip and he is being a bit of a tease to his little sister Hannah. The storyline is clear and easy to follow, even my four year old was engaged and listened to the story attentively. There are full colour illustrations for every chapter in the book to bring visual appeal to the readers. There is comic relief as the storyline progresses into the main dilemma, so my kids found themselves giggling. we finished the book in one sitting. The interactions between siblings and friends, I found them to be very relatable. While the story provides an important lesson to rely upon Allah and turn to Him in times of distress, it wasn't done in a preachy way at all. The book includes additional pages of comprehension questions, etiquette of du'a, times and places du'as get answered and the hadith reference of the three men trapped in the cave (and Allah freed them because of their good deeds). This book brings together adventure and faith for your little ones to enjoy.


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