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Under mMy Hijab by Hena Khan

Under My Hijab by Hena Khan

I was so excited to see that my local library had ordered this book for their collection. The consistent online reviews had nothing but praise for it, which elevated my expectations.


The story follows a little girl observing the ladies in her life that wear the hijab while doing what they love. Her grandmother and her love for baking, her mother as she is treating her patient, her scout leader etc. This book is meant not only to inspire the little Muslimas to pursue their dreams and aspirations, it is also meant to break the stereotypes of how others see sisters in hijab. This book is written in beautiful rhyme throughout and the illustrations are nothing short of amazing.


Unfortunately, my disappointment in this book, is that it makes mention of dancing to the music in one of the pages. The struggle to teach our children what is right and wrong becomes a lot more challenging when we have books with Muslim characters promoting something that is not Islamic. Although, I understand that there are Muslims that listen to music and don't believe it to be impermissible, I wish the author would have considered the fact that most Muslim girls that need to read inspiring messages that are presented in this book are in Islamic schools as well as masjids. Unfortunately, this element now restricts it from being used in such spaces.



July 23/2019

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