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Unexpected Journey by K.J. Miftah and B. Adam

๐Ÿ“š The Tiny Compass: Unexpected Journey ๐Ÿ“š

Author: K.J. Miftah & B. Adam

Illustrator: Diyora Abdullaeva

Publisher: Naml Publications @namlpublications

Age: 7-11

Islamic Content: Creation of Allah

Concerns: None


Lilbee is finally old enough to go on her first trip outdoors. when she returns from collecting nectar, she tells her little sisters about her big girl responsibilities. Her responsibilities are cut short when the entire hive is taken on an unexpected journey. This adventure offers them a new and dangerous perspective.


This book is an early read chapter book that takes the reader into the world of the bee hive. Along with the adventure, the mini Muslims will learn many facts and realities of a day in the life of a bee. It touches on healthy benefits of honey and the reality of using pesticides on trees and crops & how that affects living creatures. Above all, it discusses that bees are a creation of Allah. At times the book can get a bit preachy, but it is intended to be ties to Islam after all. The story itself has a lot of non-fiction information intertwined with the fictional plot. There comes a point where the information gets a bit overwhelming however. There are absolutely beautiful pencil illustrations throughout the book. The Unexpected Journey touches on the topic of bees, which is very unique in the Muslim Lit spaces, and directly ties it with the deen. This book would be great addition in Muslim classrooms and libraries.


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