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Valuable Beyond its Pages

In a bookshelf full of beautiful stories, deep messages and traditional values, there is one or two books that hold so much more value than what is written within its pages.

For me, it is these two board books. They are the very first board books that I purchased for my first born at 7 months, later inherited by his little sister. The worn out condition shows the love that they have endured from my little ones. They have gone through countless reads on my lap and at bed time. Many wipes of spilled milk and sticky fingers haven't been able to bring them to their end. Even survived through peeled pages and taped fixes.

These books are the roots of what my bookshelf has morphed into in the present day. It is because of the endearing love that my children have shown to this pair, that have made me realize the power the books can hold and the impact that they can have.

Above all, my kids were introduced to counting, the alphabet and new vocabulary that was directly tied to our Muslim faith. So no matter how quickly my kids outgrow them, this set will stick with us in hopes that one day, they will be inherited by their kids.

What was your very 1st Muslim book you purchased for your child?

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