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We All Have a Family by Amanie Abu-Lebdeh


Title: We All Have a Family

Author: Amanie Abu-Lebdeh

Illustrator: Shurooq Bushnaq

Publisher: @abzeez

Age: 3-6


Islamic Content: Family, the creation


Concerns: None



This book explores the concept of family and introduces various animals in their habitats to the little ones. It begins with two parents and a child then moves on to teach about different animal parents and their little ones. The book is written in free verse rhyme, and the consistent flow throughout makes this book such an enjoyable treat.



First of all, can we just take a minute to appreciate the unique the concept of this book among the current Muslim reads in the market? Honestly, when we say we need refreshing books that will teach something valuable and be memorable, this is exactly what we mean! The end of the book shares the ayah (24:45) that is linked to the main message in which Allah tells us about all the creatures being created from water.


The beautiful, soft illustrations and the engaging flow of the text make the book captivating and so much fun. In each two page spread, the text reads in a uniform and parallel pattern. The mother is shown in a hijab on the very first page of the book, the rest covers a diverse set of animal families in their different environments. So great to see the varieties of farm animals (chickens, cows and sheep) and wild animals (lions, deer and bears). With the guidance of a grown-up reader, this amazing book can spark great conversations about the different creations of Allah and the various identifying names. Because the content of the book itself does not include any religious sentiments (only in the end note) this would serve as a great book in diverse classrooms to teach new animal vocabulary. This is a definite must-have read for schools and for home.


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