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What Did Allah Create for Me? by Heba Subeh-Hyder


Title: What Did Allah Create for Me?

Author: Heba Subeh-Hyder @maymunahsmusings

Illustrator: Aatena Hasan

Publisher: Prolance Publishing @prolancepublishing

Age: 5-11


Islamic Content: The creation of Allah


Concerns: there are a couple of pages where the family concludes the day with songs, beating a drum and a daff



Maymunah is excited about their annual cousin's week, where they spend their time camping in nature but her brother, Malik, doesn't share the same excitement. Once they are at the camp site, they explore their natural surroundings and ponder upon the creation of Allah. Maymunah is so grateful for everything Allah has created, but one of them tops it all.



This is the second book in Maymuna's Musings series, the first one was 'How Much Does Allah Love Me?' This book explores the creation of Allah through a camping trip out in nature. I love the concept of this book, it encourages the little ones to be more attentive and marvel at the nature that Allah has created. This can be used as a great opportunity to further discuss with your child the creation of Allah and how we directly or indirectly benefit from them. Maymuna's older brother feeling too old to attend a family camping trip is such a relatable family dynamic. I love the diversity of the family in this series. The illustrations of the family praying together in the open skies is just picture perfect. I liked that this story included unique animals that inspired us to google and learn more about them. We commonly see Muslim books center around immediate family, friendships or classrooms. Thus I appreciate the fact that this book highlights cousin relationships in an endearing way, especially because my kids miss their own during this time of many restrictions. I felt the introduction, before the story gets to the camping trip, was a little long and could have been condensed. On the other hand, I would have wanted to see more elaboration (facts or benefits) on their nature encounters so the little readers can fully make the connection. The book is hard cover and it includes a 2-page spread of activities and a list of glossary terms.



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