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What Do You Say? by Suzanne Muir


Title: What Do You Say?

Author: Suzanne Muir

Illustrator: David Anthony

Publisher: Compass Books @compassbooks

Age: 3+

Rating: 9/10 ๐ŸŒŸ


In this book, the reader is taken on an adventure with a flying dragon and a friendly sea monster. Some of the most common Islamic words are incorporated with each interaction along the way. He begins his journey with Bismillah, and ends with "inshaAllah" in hopes of going on another adventure soon.



I really like the concept of this book. Instead of explaining what we say and when we say it, it is cleverly demonstrated through the story. This bilingual book is fun and engaging. Although, each word used has the English translation, it is mainly aimed at Muslim readers. My favourite part of the book is that the author has chosen to include "astaghfirullah" among others. It shows our kids that when we make mistakes, we ask Allah for forgiveness as well as appologize to the friend we have wronged. The only thing that caught my eye is in one of the pages the word Allah wasn't capitalized which is the norm for any level of literature. This book is a great pick for your bookshelf.




Sep 30/2019

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