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What is Sadaqa Jariyah?

๐Ÿ“– Compiling PDFs of Islamic kids books and publicly sharing them on social media in NOT sadaqa jariyah.


As Muslims when we look for opportunities to contribute and give; the ultimate reward would be in sadaqa jariyah or continuous charity (the gift that keeps on giving)


This type of charity we only give once, but continues to benefit us even when we forget about it, and many continue even after our passing. An example of this is planting a tree. That tree will continue to grow its fruit year after year. As long as it stands, the original owner of that tree will continue to reap its rewards whether it feeds a small family or an entire neighborhood.


Now, what does this have to do with kids books?


1. The author commits hours upon hours of drafts and redrafts to develop a manuscript

2. Then continuously submits their manuscript to countless publishing houses only to be denied

3. Their savings are invested in finding and paying the right illustrator to bring their story to life

4. The cost of involving a professional editor to improve the quality of their story

5. Printing/shipping costs

6. Their continuous commitment for advertisements and bring exposure to their product

7. Their tireless work on finding distributors and convincing them to carry their product.


No, these passionate writers with a sincere intention did not commit themselves to all the efforts above (which takes many months) in order for a random individual to distribute their product electronically for free.


Then how can we get the reward of sadaqa jariyah with books, you ask?


BUY a book (or as many as you like) and donate it to your local school or library. All those children who borrow and learn from those stories, you will inshaAllah, get rewarded for it as long as the book remains in one piece and reused. ๐Ÿ˜Š



Mar 12/2020

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