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When Things are Different by Runda Ebied


Title: When Things are Different

Author: Runda Abeid

Illustrator: Eman Salem

Publisher: Self-Published

Age: 4-8


Islamic Content: Muslim characters


Concerns: None



A boy is worried about the big changes happening in his life but he is hopeful for better days. He counts the changes that bring these big emotions that he doesn't like. Moving to a new home and the need to make new friends. Saying goodbye to loved ones when they live far away. Starting a new school year and adapting to follow new rules. He gives himself words of encouragement that help him overcome his fears one day at a time.



This book, written in rhyme, discusses a few ways that may help overcome big emotions, fears and worries triggered with change. While most verses flowed nicely, a few felt forced and needed reading a couple of times. In all honesty, stories about the pandemic just haven't appealed to me just for the fact that it will outrun its course when all this is over. Which is the main reason why I like this book; the pandemic itself isn't the center focus, rather it is one of a few scenarios mentioned that trigger the worrisome emotions. The focus is on the feelings themselves and shares a few hopeful ways to get past them. I love that the book is narrated by the protagonist, through his voice as he is navigating through the difficult changes in his life rather than having it narrated by the parent. It makes the message more powerful and connect with the readers. The part that really touched me was when goodbyes were being said to their grandparents at the airport. Goodbyes are tough even for the grown-ups. I would have like to see Islam incorporated into it as a coping mechanism from a spiritual aspect. This book is a beneficial addition to have for the little worriers.


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