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When Wings Expand by Maryam Sinclair

๐Ÿ“š When Wings Expand ๐Ÿ“š

Author: Maryam Sinclair

Publisher: Kube Publishing

Age: 9+

Islamic Content: Sprinkled throughout

Concerns: gathering to recite Qur'an in deathbed, commemorating death anniversary


This book. This story. It will take your heart piece by piece. A word at a time. So brilliantly executed. It will take you through an emotional ride that you never expected to experience.

Nur is 11 years old and she is witnessing her mother's illness with cancer. The book is written in journal format so the reading experience feels deeply personal and so real. We see Nur at her lowest, trying to process heavy thoughts and questioning. We see her processing grief while she tries to hold tightly on the very thin thread of faith she had remaining. While she navigated to understand her emotional turmoil, Nur this grief is now the mother figure of a younger brother who is also experiencing this grief in a completely different way. We see her faith being the driving factor that helps her climb out of her lowest pit and grow into a a young lady full of hope. All of this was wonderfully told in the tender voice of an 11 year old. The metaphor of the butterfly is so beautifully and seamlessly done.

There are some references in which are not part of the sunnah, like reciting Qur'an in unison or commemorating the anniversary of someone's death. I would strongly recommend this be a parent and child read because it holds so much weight and the aforementioned notes are clarified.

This is the type of book that that requires you to savor every page of it.


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