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'Where's my Prayer Mat?' by Ruhana Begum


Title: 'Where's My Prayer Mat?'

Author: Ruhana Begum

Illustrator: Lera Munoz

Publisher: Tiny Twinkle

Age: 0-4


Islamic Content: Prayer


Concerns: None



It is time for prayer and Musa has misplaced his prayer mat. He is searching around his home so that he can complete his prayer on time. With each place he searches, he finds another item instead.



This lift-the-flap board book is written in easy rhyme for small children. This is a fun way to introduce the little ones to new vocabulary related to Muslims' every day life (ie: wudu, tasbeeh, Qur'an, Allah, etc.) This is a perfect example of exposing our Muslim kids to Islamic related words without being overbearing with rituals for their young age. The illustrations are faceless and the color theme is soft and gentle on the eyes. My daughter has been finding this book to be quite a treat. The back of the book includes a glossary with definitions. This would be a a great addition for toddler bookshelves.


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