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Worship With Me at the Mosque by Shalini Vallepur


Title: Worship With Me at the Mosque

Author: Shalini Vallepur

Illustrator: Jasmine Pointer

Publisher: Book Life Publisher

Type: Non-Fiction

Age: 5-11

Rating: 10 /10 ๐ŸŒŸ


Islamic Content: Masjid, its architectural features and everything related to it.


Concerns: None



The Imam takes the reader on a tour of the unique characteristics of a typical masjid. Identifies and defines all terms related to it such as: Minaret, Minbar, Mihrab, Qibla, Imam, Salah, the two Eids, Hijri Calendar. Glossary and index are also included on the last page.



This book is one of six in this non-fiction series. It is a reference book that kids would typically use for homework assignments or school projects. The language and text is simple, direct to the point and is accompanied by illustrations as well as actual photos. I really love that this book not only covers what a masjid visually looks like, but it also includes additional worshiping aspects such as daily prayers and their timings, Qibla direction, jumuah and Eid salah and touches on the ritual of wudu. For kids who have never been in a masjid, this really does give a very good idea of what it looks like inside.


In general, it is true that books such as these do not touch us in an emotional level because they are meant to be a compilation of facts put together in an easy manner to inform the young readers of something new. However, to those that are being represented by books like these, the care and efforts the publishers and authors invest in the making of it come through when we see the accuracy of the facts that is presents. The small details to some may seem like they are just that, small details, but to the child who is represented by this type of non-fiction book, it makes all the difference.




Jan 30/2020

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