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Writing Picture Books - Part 1

"It is so easy to write picture books."

When we read picture books, we may be inclined to think how incredibly easy it must be to write something like this. This is the impression many may have due to single layer storyline and simple, kid-friendly language. In picture books, half the story is explained through the illustrations, so how hard can it be?

Actually, it is a lot more difficult than you think.

In a picture book, every single word counts. Telling a powerful story through a limited word count is hard. Making every single one of those words add value to your main message is even harder. Above all, having the language be simple enough to speak to the reader while it is sprinkled with a new vocabulary is a skill. This is where the author's creative writing comes to life.

Let's not forget that, this is a professionally developed genre that involves professional contributions from different avenues; scientific research, psychology, editors, illustrators just to name a few.

After many months, countless edits, and pages of illustrations, the picture book can finally be ready for stocking in our bookshelves and inspire the hearts of little humans.

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