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Yan's Hajj: The Journey of a Lifetime by Fawzia Gilani


Title: Yan's Hajj: The Journey of a Lifetime

Author: Fawzia Gilani

Illustrator: Sophie Burrows

Publisher: Kube Publishing

Age: 3-11


Islamic Content: a Hajj story



Yan was a poor young farmer whose dream was to go to Mekkah and perform Hajj. He worked very hard to fill his money bag just enough for this journey of a lifetime. Each time he filled his bag and went on his way to Mekka, he came across people in desperate situations. And each time, Yan used his hajj money to help rebuild a school, pay debt to an injured boy and took care of him until he became stronger and helped build a masjid. With each time, Yan was getting older and weaker so working on the farm was becoming more difficult.



This absolutely beautiful story is one that touches the heart. The very first time I read this book, it made me tear up, and rarely do picture books have that effect. Yan's love for Allah and his trust in Him is truly incredible. Each time he save enough money and leaves to go to Hajj, without hesitation he spends in on others and their needs. It is those good deeds that Yan did that benefited him and contributed to make his dream come true. There are three main lessons in this story: the love for Allah and his yearning to complete Hajj, never giving on your dreams no matter how large they seem, never underestimate the power of your deeds and the affect they have on others. The language and text is simple and easy for the kids. The style of the illustrations and the colour theme really set the tone of the story and the farm life setting. I most certainly think this book deserves to have their space on every muclim bookshelf.





July 21/2020

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