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Yes, I'm Hot in This & That Can Be Arranged by Huda Fahmy


Title: Yes, I'm Hot in This, That Can be Arranged

Author/Illustrator: Huda Fahmy @yesimhotinthis

Age: 12+


Islamic Content: Muslim Identity, and matrimonial guidelines


Yes, I'm Hot in This:

This book is a compilation of common confrontations many hijabi sisters face in their daily life in the west in comic form. Hijab struggles, assumptions others have about hijabis, and odd questions we get asked.


That Can be Arranged:

This is the marital journey of the author in comic form. From the time she was a teen, to dealing with the prospects, community aunties, to finally meeting and marrying her husband, Gehad. A Muslim Love Story.



These two books are AH-MA-ZING. Absolute must-haves for Muslims and non-Muslims alike. They are the prime example of bashing stereotypes others may have Muslims and/or hijabis. These relatable encounters the Muslims experience are told in an authentic way without sugar coating and compromising Islamic values.

What I mostly appreciate about Huda Fahmy's work is that she brings a comical spin to relatable situations without poking fun at Islam itself.

This will make you giggle throughout and have you go back to grab it off the shelf, time and time again.

~ "Arranged marriages are not to be confused with forced marriages. Contrary to popular belief, forced marriages are not allowed in Islam." - That Can be Arranged

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