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You Can Control Your Voice by Connie Colwell Miller

You Can Control Your Voice by Connie Colwell Miller

Haneen is super excited to go to the library but her adrenalin pushes her to use her loud voice in the quiet environment. This interactive book allows the reader to make choices for Haneen, which influences the ending of the story.


I get really excited when I find gems like this, Muslim protagonist in a book that encourages positive behaviour or message. It's essential for Muslim kids to see themselves represented in books other than those promoting Islamic messages as it shows acceptance in the community at large. 📚

This is one of six books in the series, each book deals with a diverse protagonist. Being inclusive was definitely in the mind of the author when working on this project.


Even though I loved the idea of this book, giving the child the freedom to choose the ending, my 5-year old didn't think so. For a while, he was getting irritated that we were skipping pages to get to the ending of choice. We had to read it a few times before he began to understand the functionality of it.


June 19/2019

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