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Zaahir and Jamel the Camel: Hajj by Amatullah AlMarwani


Title: Zaahir and Jamel the Camel: Hajj

Author: Amatullah AlMarwani

Illustrator: Sudha Choudhary

Publisher: Goodword Books

Age: 3-8

Rating: 9/10 ๐ŸŒŸ


Zaahir and his friend Jamel the camel embark on the spiritual journey of Hajj and they tell us all about it. Each page introduces new hajj related vocabulary in a fun poetic way. The last page includes a short quiz and an activity.



The purpose of this rhyming book is to get the kids familiar with the Hajj and its rituals. I think linguistically it is well done and the flow is consistent throughout. The illustrations give such beautiful visuals for each and every step they take to complete this pilgrimage. When the pebbles at jamarat are being thrown it makes mention of shaytan being cursed and it raised a lot of unexpected questions from my 5-year old. Because this picture book is for younger kids, I think it's important to choose sensitive words when relaying the story.


Aug 2/2019

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