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Zaid and the Gigantic Cloud by Helal Musleh

Zaid and the Gigantic Cloud by Helal Musleh

How many of us have let an incident that has displeased us fester inside? Not only that, but we let it grow and let it impact everything we do in a negative light?


This story book is a great lesson for the little ones who are still trying to make sense of their emotions. Additionally, it serves as a great reminder to us as well because every single one of us has been guilty of it at some point in our lives.


When Zaid finds out that his much anticipated camping trip is cancelled, he is devastated. A gray cloud develops and grows above his head as he is confronted with his negative thoughts and mood. He is able to overcome this dark state of mind on his own as he discovers the positive aspects of his surroundings.


This book carries an essential message. I really enjoyed the fact that in this story, the protagonist works through his own overwhelming emotion instead of an adult advising him through it, which is what we typically see in most books.

An excellent book. ๐Ÿ‘Œ




July 5/2019

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