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Zak and his Little Lies by J. Samia Mair


Title: Zak and His Little Lies

Author: J. Samia Mair

Illustrator: Omar Burgess

Publisher: Kube Publishing @kubepublishing

Age: 7-11


Islamic Content: Honesty


Concerns: None



Zak finds himself tangled in a web of lies when he was promised to go to the new skateboard park in the afternoon. When his neighbor's flowers were destroyed, and he blames his little sister, his guilty conscience takes over him.



What an awesome book with a very important lesson. The author did an excellent job executing this story in a way that the readers understand the concept of honesty and it is wonderfully tied back to the Islamic principle. She covers a lot of ground for using different scenarios that a child might be inclined to lie: in a hurry/doesn't want to be delayed, to hide his fears, so he doesn't get in trouble. I think that is what makes Zak, the protagonist, is very relatable. The illustrations are wonderful and show the facial expressions to reflect the internal emotions of the characters. Zak and Hana's relationship is accurately balanced between their healthy sibling rivalry and competitive nature. Other side lessons that can be derived from this story is good deeds, kindness to neighbours, correcting mistakes and Allah's mercy. There is a page of discussion questions as well as references to the hadith and ayat from the Qur'an used in the story. This is a definite must have book.



Aug 19/2020

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