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Muslim Book Reviewers Services


Muslim Book Reviewers is a collective of four book reviewers that have joined forces to offer BETA READING and SENSITIVITY READING SERVICES.  

As a member of the group, hiring us doesn’t just give you one person's feedback on your manuscript, you would be getting four experienced, knowledgeable, enthusiastic opinions before you publish.  



Beta reading is the final step before publication. Alpha readers read early manuscripts and help shape the formation of the text, the story, the presentation, and the development. Beta readers are the last set of outside eyes (not including the author and publisher) before a book goes for printing. We look for specific errors of continuity, illustration accuracy, illustration and text alignment, target audience reception, and overall specific fixable literary mistakes.  Books need to have already been professionally edited before seeking our services.



We also serve as sensitivity readers to help ensure accurate representation, portrayal of

Muslims, Islamic teachings, and some cultural perceptions. Our team specializes in ​​Pakistani, Desi, South African, Albanian, Balkan, Syrian, Middle Eastern, American, and Canadian cultures.  We have linguistic knowledge of Arabic, Albanian, Urdu, and English.


● This service is NOT an editing service and the MBR will NOT do line edits or rewrite words of the manuscript.

● This service does NOT take the place of a scholar verifying and approving Islamic content and representation.

● This service should NOT be sought until the following steps have been taken:

○ Manuscript has been through multiple revisions

○ Manuscript has been professionally edited for grammar and content

○ Illustrations have been completed and are just awaiting final approval

○ Nonfiction concepts have been sourced

Please contact us at:


IG: @muslimbookreviewers

We are happy to work with large publishers, self publishers, and everyone in between.

To check out the website of the individual members or find them on Instagram:        @muslimmommyblog      @muslimkidsbooknook                          @bintyounus               @Islamicschoollibrarian

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